Safety Policy

BelayGlasses have been developed for climbers to make belaying safer and more comfortable. They should be used by climbers who have certain level of experience and are confident with belaying. If you do not feel confident as a belayer, you should learn and practice belaying first without BelayGlasses. In any case, even experienced belayers should follow certain safety rules while using BelayGlasses, as specified below.

Recommendations for using BelayGlasses

Please make sure you get familiar with wearing your BelayGlasses before you start to use them for belaying. Start to put them on while belaying top rope or on easy paths. Learn how it feels to wear them, how to perceive the surroundings and how to look through them at your climbing partner.

Bear in mind that it might take some time to get used to wear BelayGlasses. You might feel dizzy at first, but that is not unusual, and it will cease over the time. So do not worry, just reserve yourself some more time to practise. You should feel confident while using BelayGlasses for belaying before you really start using them, because when it comes to safety, confidence is essential.

To ensure maximum safety for belaying with BelayGlasses, following rules should be respected:

  • Keep your BelayGlasses always on the accompanied cord while belaying since it allows you to take them comfortably on and off when needed with no danger of possible damage or injury
  • When your climber is just about to set off, leave your BelayGlasses hanging around your neck on the cord, until he reaches a height of about 4m, before you put them on your nose
  • As soon as you get familiar with your BelayGlasses, you can keep them on the tip of your nose and watch the climber attentively over the rim until he reaches safe height and then pull them towards the bridge of your nose
  • BelayGlasses allow you to stand closer to the wall which is crucial especially when the climber is at the first quick draws. Be aware that being close to the wall or rock requires immediate reaction in case the climber falls
  • BelayGlasses can be manipulated just by one hand, while the other must be kept on the brake rope under all circumstances
  • If you suddenly feel uncertain while belaying with your BelayGlasses, just pull them on the tip of your nose and look over the rim or take them simply off and leave them hanging on the cord
  • Clean the prisms regularly to ensure spotless view on the climber
  • Bear in mind that the prisms do not provide any UV protection and therefore pay attention not to look to the sun while wearing BelayGlasses!
  • Keep your BelayGlasses in the firm case for transport to avoid any unnecessary damage or scratches to the prisms. It should be the case where your BelayGlasses spend most of the time when not used
  • Do not expose your BelayGlasses to extremely high or low sub zero temperatures, and avoid moisture as such conditions may have negatively affect the material. Avoid leaving your BelayGlasses behind the car window if exposed to direct sunlight
  • Do not attempt to repair or adapt your BelayGlasses


Situations when usage of BelayGlasses is inappropriate, due to unfavourable crag conditions, falling rock, climbing in low heights close to the belayer, etc. can occur. It is the full responsibility of the climber / belayer to estimate the risk and decide if using BelayGlasses is appropriate and safe.

Be aware that climbing and belaying are considered as highly dangerous activities, as they involve direct risk, potential injury and even death. The success of safe climbing is based not only on using suitable equipment, but also on attentive and skilled manipulation of the equipment.

BelayGlasses manufacturers bear no responsibility for any damages or injuries caused due to misuse of BelayGlasses, usage of BelayGlasses under unsuitable conditions, or improper manipulation of BelayGlasses.

Although nothing is perfect, we strive to make BelayGlasses close to perfection. Our aim is safe and comfortable belay for every climber. To succeed in our mission, we need feedback from you, our customers and BelayGlasses users. We would appreciate if you let us know your experience, findings, and ideas on improvement.